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We handcraft traditional breads and pastries from around the world. Our Artisan Bread Expert, Nelia Hostetter, is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute (NYC), now International Culinary Center (ICC) of New York.  Nelia has a passion for food & travel. She started blogging about her travels in 2017 and the blogs can be found at www.insearchofglobalfood.com.

About Us

We specialize in sweet & savory baked goods from around the world. We have a variety of rolls & sweet breads available in several flavors and fillings.  The lengthy menu can be found in our Menu page.   Our  production is done at the 600-square-foot commercial kitchen in Spencer, west of Bloomington.

We had a bakery/café in downtown Bloomington for five years.  Some people tell us that they miss it.  We also do as we found friends and loyal customers, who still see us at the market, there.  Some of our young former employees still keep in touch.

Because of our small-batch, handcrafted production, we only sell at the Bloomington Farmers’ Market.  This year, we decided to shorten our participation from April to October.


Our Mission

We, at Sweet Claire, only believe in the best quality and flavor. We understand that the best ingredients return the best products. Our flour is non-GMO, unbleached and unbromated. We love our King Arthur Flour.

We also promise to produce breads and pastries that have international pedigree.  Some of our recipes came from discussions with customers who miss certain food from their native countries.