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Farmers’ Market (Bloomington, In)

In 2017, we will be at the summer Farmers’ market from April to October .  The market typically starts at 8am and closes at 1pm, April to September and then 9am to 1pm in October.  Find our orange tent at the prepared foods section of the market.

To see our menu, click on the link below to view our menu.


Catering Pastry/Sandwich Menu for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

We reduce the sizes of our pastries to create a tray appropriate for brunch at the office or small parties at home.  View the menu below.


We use our focaccia bread to create wonderful sandwiches suitable for lunch parties at the office.  View the menu below.



Special Order Cookies

Ordered with 24-hour notice and in multiples of 12 each.

German Cookie
German Cookie
  • Our Specialty German Christmas Cookies (Springerle) is not just for the holidays. Watch out for our Valentine cookies! Available in different colors & flavors (vanilla, lemon, anise and almond).
  • M&M cookies
  • Oatmeal Choc/Walnut
  • Peanut butter chip cookies
  • Triple choc (semi/bitterswt/white)
  • Salted caramel cookie (very dark chocolate cookie filled with caramel/chocolate candy and topped with sea salt.
  • Nutella/hazelnut cookie (our version of chocolate crackle cookie, except we add Nutella and hazelnut to the cookie dough)
  • Liqueur-flavored cookies
    • Chocolate & capuccino chips & Tia Maria
    • Chocolate, crushed Heath bars & Rum
    • Sugar cookies with melted chocolate/mint chips and Bailey’s Irish cream
    • Sugar cookies w/ pistachio & Grand Marnier